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> Actually PostgreSQL is at par with  MySQL when the query is being Properly 
> Written(simplified)
> In mysql:
> mysql> SELECT DISTINCT main.* FROM Groups main join  Principals  Principals_1 
> using(id) join  ACL
> ACL_2 on (ACL_2.PrincipalId = Principals_1.id) 

Interesting, last time I looked, this syntax wasn't valid on mysql.
And I'm not familiar with the "using(id)" notation. Can you point me at
proper docs on it?

> So its not just PostgreSQL that is suffering from the bad SQL but MySQL also.
> But the question is my does PostgreSQL suffer so badly ??
> I think not all developers write very nice SQLs.
> Its really sad to see that a fine peice of work (RT) is performing sub-optimal
> becoz of malformed SQLs.  [ specially on database of my choice ;-) ]

Can you try using SearchBuilder 0.90? That made certain optimizations to
the postgres query builder that got backed out in 0.92, due to a
possible really bad failure mode. Thankfully, because all of this is
machine generated SQL we can just improve the generator, rather than
having to retool the entire application.

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