>>>>> "Shridhar" == Shridhar Daithankar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

  Shridhar> Laurent Martelli wrote:
  >>>>>>> "Shridhar" == Shridhar Daithankar
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  Shridhar> Laurent Martelli wrote:
  >> [...]  >> Should I understand that a join on incompatible types
  >> (such as >> integer and varchar) may lead to bad performances ?
  Shridhar> Conversely, you should enforce strict type compatibility
  Shridhar> in comparisons for getting any good plans..:-)
  >> Ha ha, now I understand why a query of mine was so sluggish.  Is
  >> there a chance I could achieve the good perfs without having he
  >> same types ? I've tried a CAST in the query, but it's even a
  >> little worse than without it. However, using a view to cast
  >> integers into varchar gives acceptable results (see at the end).
  >> I'm using Postgresql 7.3.4.

  Shridhar> I am stripping the analyze outputs and directly jumping to
  Shridhar> the end.

  Shridhar> Can you try following?

  Shridhar> 1. Make all fields integer in all the table.  

I can't do this because lists.values contains non integer data which
do not refer to a classes.id value. It may sound weird. This is
because it's a generic schema for a transparent persistence framework.

The solution for me would rather be to have varchar everywhere.

  Shridhar> 2. Try following query EXPLAIN ANALYZE SELECT * from lists
  Shridhar> join classes on classes.id=lists.value where
  Shridhar> lists.id='16'::integer;

  Shridhar> How does it affect the runtime?

  Shridhar>   Shridhar

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