> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Rajesh Kumar Mallah) wrote:
>> Can you please have a Look at the below and suggest why it
>> apparently puts 7.3.4 on an infinite loop . the CPU utilisation of the backend 
>> running it
>> approches 99%.
> What would be useful, for this case, would be to provide the query plan, perhaps via
>  EXPLAIN [Big Long Query].
> The difference between that EXPLAIN and what you get on 7.4 might be quite 
> interesting.
> I would think it quite unlikely that it is truly an "infinite" loop; it is rather 
> more likely
> that the plan winds up being pretty bad and doing something [a bunch of nested 
> loops, maybe?]
> that run longer than your patience will permit.

:-)   ok i will leave it running and try to get it.


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