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> Not being one to hijack threads, but I haven't heard of this
> performance hit when using HT, I have what should all rights be a
> pretty fast server, dual 2.4 Xeons with HT 205gb raid 5 array, 1 gig
> of memory. And it is only 50% as fast as my old server which was a
> dual AMD MP 1400's with a 45gb raid 5 array and 1gb of ram. I have
> read everything I could find on Pg performance tweaked all the
> variables that were suggested and nothing. Which is why I subscribed
> to this list, just been lurking so far but this caught my eye. 
> Rob

There's benchmarks around that show in _some_ cases HT is not all it is
cracked up to be, somtimes running slower.

But the real point of this thread isn't all this stuff about
hyperthreading, the problem is the guy is seeing swapping..

I'm guessing RH is running some useless stuff in the BG.. or maybe he's
running a retarded kernel... or.. maybe.. just.. maybe.. little elves
are doing it.


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