William Yu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Rob Sell wrote:
> > Not being one to hijack threads, but I haven't heard of this performance hit
> > when using HT, I have what should all rights be a pretty fast server, dual
> > 2.4 Xeons with HT 205gb raid 5 array, 1 gig of memory. And it is only 50% as
> > fast as my old server which was a dual AMD MP 1400's with a 45gb raid 5
> > array and 1gb of ram. 
> Not to get into a big Intel vs AMD argument but 50% sounds about right. Let's
> first assume that the QS rating for the MP1400 is relatively accurate and
> convert that to a 1.4GHz Xeon. 2.4/1.4 = +71%. Since processor performance
> does not increase linearly with clockspeed, 50% is in line with expectations.

Hm. You've read "50% as fast" as "50% faster". 
I wonder which the original poster intended.


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