Paul Ganainm wrote:
Does Interbase/Firebird have (as far as people here are concerned) any show-stoppers in terms of functionality which they do have on PostgreSQL? Or, indeed, the other way round?

Personally I think native windows port is plus that interbase/firebird has over postgresql. It also has native threaded model which *could* be benefitial at times.

I combed docs once or twice. It looks like the linux/unix support is failry new so I don't know how it stacks in production and performance.

OTOH, I don't like storing entire database in one file. That could get messy. Otherwise two databases are on par, at least on paper. I hope SQL compliance of interbase/firebird is better than mysql and closer to postgresql, +/- delta.

Of course PG has it's own goodies. Rules/Create language are just tip of iceberg.

Can you come up with some relative comparison? We can help you from postgresql side..:-) That would be great.


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