About a year ago I programmed a php/firebird application, and I've never had a problem with firebird. It's a small database (a few megabytes), but it just works day after day.

I've seen firebird has updatable views, they seem to work very well.

I have the feeling that It's not as flexible as postgresql, but I still like it. It would be my choice for win32 applications (until win32 postgresql port become available).

On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 07:28, Paul Ganainm wrote:
Hi all,

I have just started with PostgreSQL on Linux and in the past I've done a 
good bit of work on Interbase (both on Windows and Linux).

What I want to know here is

What do people here think of Interbase/Firebird?

Has anybody done performance metrics or could they point me to a 
comparison between the two?

Does Interbase/Firebird have (as far as people here are concerned) any 
show-stoppers in terms of functionality which they do have on 
PostgreSQL? Or, indeed, the other way round?

I'm not interested in starting a flame war or anything like that - just 
a presentation of the facts as you see them, and if you want to put in 
your opinion also, that's fine, just make a note!



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