we are looking at Xeon, We are currently running it on a quad sun v880
compiled to be 64bit and have been getting dreadful performance.  I don't
think we really have much to gain from going 64bit.

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> On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 17:32, Chris Field wrote:
> > We are getting ready to spec out a new machine and are wondering about
> > the wisdom of buying a quad versus a dual processor machine.  Seing as
> > how postgres in not a threaded application, and this server will only be
> > used for log/transaction analysis (it will only ever have a few large
> > queries running).  Is there any performance to be gained, and if so is
> > it worth the large cost?  Any thoughts/experience are much
> > appreciated...
> Xeon or Opteron?  The faster Opterons *really* blaze, especially
> in 64-bit mode.  As others have said, though, RAM and I/O are most
> important.
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