Fred Moyer wrote:
One thing I learned after spending about a week comparing the Athlon (2
ghz, 333 mhz frontside bus) and Xeon (2.4 ghz, 266 mhz frontside bus)
platforms was that on average the select queries I was benchmarking ran
30% faster on the Athlon (this was with data cached in memory so may not
apply to the larger data sets where I/O is the limiting factor.)

I benchmarked against the Opteron 244 when it came out and it came in
about the same as the Athlon (makes sense since both were 333 mhz
memory).  The results within +/- 5-10% that of the Athlon.  From testing
against a couple of other machines I noticed that the memory bus speeds
were almost directly proportional to the query times under these

I remember a posting here about opteron, which essentially said, even if opteron works on par with athlon under few clients, as load increases it scales more than 50% better than athlons.

So that could be another shot at it.Sorry, no handy URL here.


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