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> we are looking at Xeon, We are currently running it on a quad sun v880
> compiled to be 64bit and have been getting dreadful performance.  I
> don't think we really have much to gain from going 64bit.
By chance, are you running 7.3.4 on that sun?
If so, try this:
export CFLAGS=-02

and rebuild PG.

Before 7.4 PG was build with _no_ optimization on Solaris. 
Recompiling gives __HUGE__ (notice the underscores) performance gains.

And onto the dual vs quad.

PG will only use 1 cpu / connection / query. 

So if your machine iwll have 1-2 queries running at a time those other 2
proc's will sit around idling.  However if you are going to have a bunch
going, 4 cpus will be most useful.  One of hte nicest things to do for
PG is more ram and fast IO. It really loves those things.

good luck


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