Dear all ,

I have created my tables without OIDS now my doubts are :
1. Will this speed up the data insertion process
2. Though I have not written any code in my any of the pgsql functions which depend on OIDS
1. Will without OIDS the functions behave internally differently
2. Will my application break at any point
3. I decided to work with out OIDS because
1. It has a limit of -2147483648 to +2147483647
2 Due to this limitation I would not like to drop recreate my database because it is a bit difficult/dirty process

All links and suggestion pertaining to OIDS are most welcome my mail box is at your disposal and dont hassitate to
drop a two line comment.
My Sys Config:
RH 9.0
PostgreSQL 7.3.4
GCC 3.2.2
PHP 4.3.4
V Kashyap

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