Hello  Neil Conway,

We are doing some test on our applications and will let know the community  if without OIDS we could gain
more speed .
2. Though I have not written any code in my any of the pgsql functions
which depend on OIDS
  1. Will without OIDS the functions behave internally differently
  2. Will my application break at any point


BTW, we intend to phase out the use of OIDs for user tables in the
long term. There have been a few threads on -hackers that discuss the
plans for doing this.
This was a relief  for us all , but an the same time we have found one incompatibility

This incompatibility is with
1.  StarOffice 7.0
2. OpenOffice 1.1
and the incompatibility is when I retrieve data into Star SpreadSheet or  Open Office SpreadSheet
I am greeted with an error field OID  not found.
Though these both are connecting to PostgreSQL  7.3.4 (Linux GCC 3.x) via psqlODBC  07.02.0003
On the Same time WinSQL connects as usual via psqlODBC  07.02.0003  and is working fine.

Though  this does not  effect us a lot since we are using PHP to show and retrieve data
We are posting this such that any one relying totally on OpenOffice for data  retrieve and display
better know this ,

Our Test config was:
Client :-
O.S           Win XP (No service pack)
OpenOffice    1.1  Windows version
StarOffice      7.0   Eval Pack
psqlODBC 07.02.0003
Server  :-
OS                      RH 9.0 kernel-2.4.20-24.9
PostgreSQL       7.3.4

Please if anyone has a different story  while using  WITHOUT  OIDS please let us and every one know .

V Kashyap

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