Sai Hertz And Control Systems <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I have created my tables without OIDS  now my doubts are :
> 1.  Will this speed up the data insertion process

Slightly. It means that each inserted row will be 4 bytes smaller (on
disk), which in turn means you can fit more tuples on a page, and
therefore you'll need fewer pages and less disk space. However, I'd be
surprised if the performance improvement is very significant.

> 2. Though I have not written any code in my any of the pgsql functions
> which depend on OIDS
>   1. Will without OIDS the functions behave internally differently
>   2. Will my application break at any point


BTW, we intend to phase out the use of OIDs for user tables in the
long term. There have been a few threads on -hackers that discuss the
plans for doing this.


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