David Teran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> This is my bigger problem: i am using EOF (OR mapping tool) which frees 
> me more or less form writing a lot of SQL. If i need to typecast to use 
> an index then i have to see how to do this with this framework.

It's worth pointing out that this problem is fixed (at long last) in
CVS tip.  Ypu probably shouldn't expend large amounts of effort on
working around a problem that will go away in 7.5.

If you don't anticipate going to production for six months or so, you
could adopt CVS tip as your development platform, with the expectation
that 7.5 will be released by the time you need a production system.
I wouldn't recommend running CVS tip as a production database but it
should be plenty stable enough for devel purposes.

Another plan would be to use int4 columns for the time being with the
intention of widening them to int8 when you move to 7.5.  This would
depend on how soon you anticipate needing values > 32 bits, of course.

                        regards, tom lane

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