Hi Tom,

It's worth pointing out that this problem is fixed (at long last) in
CVS tip.  Ypu probably shouldn't expend large amounts of effort on
working around a problem that will go away in 7.5.

We have now changed the definition to integer, this will work for some time. We are currently evaluating and have several production database we might switch in some time.

What we found out now is that a query with a single 'where' works fine, the query planer uses the index but when we have 'two' where clauses it does not use the index anymore:

EXPLAIN ANALYZE SELECT columns... FROM "KEY_VALUE_META_DATA" t0 WHERE (t0."ID_VALUE" = 14542); performs fine, less than one millisecond.

EXPLAIN ANALYZE SELECT columns... FROM "KEY_VALUE_META_DATA" t0 WHERE (t0."ID_VALUE" = 14542 OR t0."ID_VALUE" = 14550); performs bad: about 235 milliseconds.

I tried to change the second one to use IN but this did not help at all. Am i doing something wrong? I have an index defined like this:

CREATE INDEX key_value_meta_data__id_value__fk_index ON "KEY_VALUE_META_DATA" USING btree ("ID_VALUE");

Regards David

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