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> I have 2 columns index.
> The question is if optimizer can use both columns of an index or not,

Should do.

> i.e. the plan should read like this:
>       Index Cond:
>       ((name)::text = 'name1'::text)
>       AND ((date_from)::timestamp with time zone=
> ('now'::text)::timestamp(6) with time zone)
> Whilst I am getting index scan on first column and filter on the other:
>  Index Scan using testtab_name_date_from on testtab  (cost=0.00..2.01
> rows=1 width=18)
>    Index Cond: ((name)::text = 'name1'::text)
>    Filter: ((date_from)::timestamp with time zone =
> ('now'::text)::timestamp(6)with time zone)
> Could the problem be timestamp column or timestamp with time zones?

What types are the columns here? If date_from isn't timestamp with time zone, 
that might be the issue. Also, I'm not convinced timestamp is the same thing 
as timestamp(6) - why the different accuracies.

Also, note that 'now' is deprecated - now() or CURRENT_TIMESTAMP/DATE/etc are 
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