Well, when I prepared my PG presentation I did some testing of MySQL (So
I could be justified in calling it lousy :).   I used the latest release
(4.0.something I think)

I was first bitten by my table type being MyISAM when I thought I set
the default ot InnoDB.  But I decided since my test was going to be
read-only MyISAM should be the best possible choice.  I loaded up a
couple million records and changed my stored procedure into a perl
script [I also decided to use this perl script for testing PG to be

For one client mysql simply screamed. 

Then I decided to see what happens with 20 clients.

MySQL clocked in at 650 seconds.  During this time the machine was VERY
unresponsive.  To be fair, that could be Linux, not MySQL.

PG (7.3.4) clocked in at 220 seconds.  The machine was perfectly fine
during the test -  nice and responsive. 

The hardware wasn't much - dual p2-450 running stock RH8. (2x15k 18g
scsi drives for the data volume)

Then I decided to try the "beloved" InnoDB. 

Well.. after it sat for a few hours at 100% cpu loading the data I
killed it off and gave up on InnoDB.. I am interested in the numbers.
Perhaps I'll fire it up again someday and let it finish loading.

Remember -  you cannot judge mysql by since connection performance - you
can't beat it.  But just add up the concurrency and watch the cookies


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