Jeff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Not sure at what point it will topple, in my case it didn't matter if it
> ran good with 5 clients as I'll always have many more clients than 5. 

I did some idle, very unscientific tests the other day that indicated
that MySQL insert performance starts to suck with just 2 concurrent
inserters.  Given a file containing 10000 INSERT commands, a single
mysql client ran the file in about a second.  So if I feed the file
simultaneously to two mysqls in two shell windows, it should take about
two seconds total to do the 20000 inserts, right?  The observed times
were 13 to 15 seconds.  (I believe this is with a MyISAM table, since
I just said CREATE TABLE without any options.)

It does scream with only one client though ...

                        regards, tom lane

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