Hello everyone,

I am doing a massive database conversion from MySQL to Postgresql for a
company I am working for.  This has a few quirks to it that I haven't
been able to nail down the answers I need from reading and searching
through previous list info.

For starters, I am moving roughly 50 seperate databases which each one
represents one of our clients and is roughly 500 megs to 3 gigs in size.
 Currently we are using the MySQL replication, and so I am looking at
Mammoths replicator for this one.  However I have seen it only allows on
DB to be replicated at a time.  With the size of each single db, I don't
know how I could put them all together under one roof, and if I was
going to, what are the maximums that Postgres can handle for tables in
one db?  We track over 2 million new points of data (records) a day, and
are moving to 5 million in the next year.

Second what about the physical database size, what are the limits there?
 I have seen that it was 4 gig on Linux from a 2000 message, but what
about now?  Have we found way's past that?  

Thanks in advance, will give more detail - just looking for some open
directions and maybe some kicks to fuel my thought in other areas.



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