First just wanted to say thank you all for the quick and helpful answers. With all the input I know I am on the right track. With that in mind I created a perl script to do my migrations and to do it based on moving from a db name to a schema name. I had done alot of the reading on converting based on the miss match of data types that MySQL likes to use. I must say it is VERY nice having a intelligent system that say won't let a date of '0000-00-00' be entered. Luckily I didn't have to deal with any enumerations.

So the conversion goes on. I will definitely be back and forth in here as I get the new queries written and start migrating all I can back into the pg backend using plpgsql or c for the stored procedures where required. The mammoth replicator has been working well. I had tried the pgsql-r and had limited success with it, and dbmirror was just taking to long having to do 4 db transactions just to mirror one command. I have eserv but was never really a java kind of guy.

Alright then - back to my code. Again thanks for the help and info.


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