>  With the size of each single db, I don't
> know how I could put them all together under one roof, and if I was
> going to, what are the maximums that Postgres can handle for tables in
> one db?  We track over 2 million new points of data (records) a day, and
> are moving to 5 million in the next year.

Use schemas per Scott's suggestion.   This will also ease the sharing of data 
between "databases".

> Second what about the physical database size, what are the limits there?
>  I have seen that it was 4 gig on Linux from a 2000 message, but what
> about now?  Have we found way's past that?

The biggest database I've ever worked with was 175G, but I've seen reports of 
2TB databases out there.  We don't know what the limit is; so far it's always 
been hardware.

> Thanks in advance, will give more detail - just looking for some open
> directions and maybe some kicks to fuel my thought in other areas.

Come back to this list for help tuning your system!   You'll need it, you've 
got an unusual set-up.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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