I've done some testing of 7.3.4 vs 7.4.1 and found 7.4.1 to be 20%-30%
slower than 7.3.4.  Is this common knowledge or am I just unlucky with
my query/data selection?

Things of note that might matter: the machine is a dual Opteron 1.4GHz
running Fedora Core 1 Test 1 for X86_64.  The 7.3.4 was from the Fedora
distro and the 7.4.1 was the PGDG package.  The database is 3.5 Gigs
with 10 millions rows and the machine had 1 Gig or ram.

Oh... as a side note I'm happy to announce that the 2.6 Linux kernel has
more than DOUBLED the speed of all my Postgres queries over the 2.4. =)


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