On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 00:32, Christopher Browne wrote:
> > Things of note that might matter: the machine is a dual Opteron
> > 1.4GHz running Fedora Core 1 Test 1 for X86_64.  The 7.3.4 was from
> > the Fedora distro and the 7.4.1 was the PGDG package.  The database
> > is 3.5 Gigs with 10 millions rows and the machine had 1 Gig or ram.
> >
> > Oh... as a side note I'm happy to announce that the 2.6 Linux kernel
> > has more than DOUBLED the speed of all my Postgres queries over the
> > 2.4. =)
> I did some heavy-transaction-oriented tests recently on somewhat
> heftier quad-Xeon hardware, and found little difference between 2.4
> and 2.6, and a small-but-quite-repeatable advantage with FreeBSD 4.9.
> Now, I'm quite sure my load was rather different from yours, but I
> find the claim of doubling of speed rather surprising.

I don't.  I got a similar boost out of 2.6 when dealing with extreme
concurrency.  Then again, I also got a similar boost out of 7.4.  The
two together tickled my bank account.  ;)

One question though...  It sounds like your 7.3 binaries are 64-bit and
your 7.4 binaries are 32-bit.  Have you tried grabbing the SRPM for 7.4
and recompiling it for X86_64?


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