> I've done some testing of 7.3.4 vs 7.4.1 and found 7.4.1 to be 20%-30%
> slower than 7.3.4.  Is this common knowledge or am I just unlucky with
> my query/data selection?

No, it's not common knowledge.  It should be the other way around.   Perhaps 
it's the queries you picked?   Even so .....  feel free to post individual 
EXPLAIN ANALYZEs to the list.

> Things of note that might matter: the machine is a dual Opteron 1.4GHz
> running Fedora Core 1 Test 1 for X86_64.  The 7.3.4 was from the Fedora
> distro and the 7.4.1 was the PGDG package.  The database is 3.5 Gigs
> with 10 millions rows and the machine had 1 Gig or ram.

I'm wondering if we need specific compile-time switches for Opteron.   I know 
we got Opteron code tweaks in the last version, but am not sure if a --with 
is required to activate them.

> Oh... as a side note I'm happy to announce that the 2.6 Linux kernel has
> more than DOUBLED the speed of all my Postgres queries over the 2.4. =)

Keen.   Waiting for upgrades ....

-Josh Berkus
 Aglio Database Solutions
 San Francisco

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