>>>>> "GS" == Greg Spiegelberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

GS> I've been waiting all day for a pg_restore to finish on a test system
GS> identically configured as our production in hardware and software
GS> with the exception prod is 7.3.5 and test is 7.4.1.

GS> The file it's restoring from is about 8GB uncompressed from a
GS> "pg_dump -b -F t" and after 2 hours the directory the database is in
GS> contains only 1GB.  iostat reported ~2000 blocks written every 2
GS> seconds to the DB file system.

Have you considered increasing the value of checkpoint_segments to
something like 50 or 100 during your restore? It made a *dramatic*
improvement on my system when I did the same migration.

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