Tom Lane wrote:
Greg Spiegelberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I turned syslog back on and the restore slowed down again.  Turned
it off and it sped right back up.

We have heard reports before of syslog being quite slow.  What platform
are you on exactly?  Does Richard's suggestion of turning off syslog's
fsync help?

Another tip is to use a better (well atleast more optimized) syslog implementation, like metalog. It optimizes log writes to a blocksize that is better for disk throughput.
You can also use "per line" mode with those if you want, i think.

I use another logger that is called multilog (see at, that's a pipe logger thing, like one per postmaster.
It also gives very exact timestamps to every line, has built in log rotation and works nice with all programs i use it for.

One thing is for sure, if you log much, standard syslog (atleast on linux) sucks big time.
I gained back approx 30% CPU on a mailserver over here by changing to another logger.


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