hi all,

i have an amd athlon with 256 ram (i know, this is not a *real* server but my tables are small)

i'm using vb6 (win98) with pgsql-7.3.4 (rh8) trough the psqlodbc.

when i do a select in took long to execute, here is an example

table icc_m_banco

      CodBanco             SMALLINT NOT NULL,
      Descripcion          CHARACTER VARYING(60) NOT NULL,
      RefContable          NUMERIC,
      Estado               CHAR(1) NOT NULL,
      FecRegistro          DATE NOT NULL,
      CONSTRAINT EstadoBanco CHECK ((Estado = 'A') or (Estado = 'I')),
      PRIMARY KEY(CodBanco)

select * from icc_m_banco where codbanco = 1;

it tooks 13s from it's send until it's executed.

explain analyze give me this result:

explain analyze
select * from icc_m_banco where codbanco = 1;

Seq Scan on icc_m_banco (cost=0.00..1.06 rows=6 width=41) (actual time=7.94..7.96 rows=4 loops=1)
Total runtime: 63.37 msec
(2 rows)

so i think its not a database problem (at least it's not all the problem), though it seems to me it is taking a lot of time executing this.

am i right? any suggestions?

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