On 31/03/2004 16:40 Tom Lane wrote:
"Jaime Casanova" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> There are no indexes yet, and the table is just 6 rows long so even if
> indexes exists the planner will do a seq scan. that's my whole point
63m for
> seq scan in 6 rows table is too much.

That was 63 milliseconds, according to your original post, which seems
perfectly reasonable to me seeing that it's not a super-duper server.

The problem sounds to be either on the client side or somewhere in your
network.  I don't know anything about VB, but you might want to look
through the client-side operations to see what could be eating up the 13

Given that the client and server are on different machines, I'm wondering the bulk of the 13 seconds is due a network mis-configuration or a very slow DNS server...

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