On  4 Apr, Cott Lang wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-04-04 at 01:56, Gary Doades wrote:
>> Unfortunately I don't understand the question!
>> My background is the primarily Win32. The last time I used a *nix OS 
>> was about 20 years ago apart from occasional dips into the linux OS 
>> over the past few years. If you can tell be how to find out what you want 
>> I will gladly give you the information.
> There are two available io schedulers in 2.6 (new feature), deadline and
> anticipatory. It should show be listed in the boot messages:
> dmesg | grep scheduler
> I've seen people arguing for each of the two schedulers, saying one is
> better than the other for databases. I'm curious which one you're
> using.  :)

Our database tests (TPC fair use implementations) show that the deadline
scheduler has an edge on the anticipatory scheduler.  Depending on the
current state of the AS scheduler, it can be within a few percent to 10%
or so.

I have some data with one of our tests here:


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