>Josh Berkus
> > Treating the optimizer as a black box is something I'm very
> used to from
> > other RDBMS. My question is, how can you explicitly
> re-write a query now
> > to "improve" it? If there's no way of manipulating queries without
> > actually re-writing the optimizer, we're now in a position where we
> > aren't able to diagnose when the optimizer isn't working
> effectively.
> Well, there is ... all of the various query cost parameters.

They are very blunt instruments for such a delicate task.

Surely someone of your experience might have benefit from something

My feeling is, I would, though I want those tools as *a developer*
rather than for tuning specific queries for people, which is always so
sensitive to upgrades etc.

> But, ultimately, improvements on the planner are still
> bottlenecked by having
> only one developer actually hacking the changes.

Do we have a clear list of optimizations we'd like to be working on?

The TODO items aren't very related to specific optimizations...

The only ones I was aware of was deferred subselect evaluation for

...sounds like there's more to discuss here, so I'll duck out now and
get back to my current project...

Best Regards, Simon Riggs

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