> Well, as I said, that's why I was asking - I'm willing to give it a go
> if nobody can prove me wrong. :)

Why not?   If you have time?

> I thought you knew - OCFS, OCFS-Tools and OCFSv2 have not only been open-
> source for quite a while now - they're released under the GPL.

Keen!   Wonder if we can make them regret it.

Seriously, if Oracle opened this stuff, it's probably becuase they used some 
GPL components in it.   It also probably means that it won't work for 
anything but Oracle ...

> I don't know what that means to you (probably nothing good, as PostgreSQL
> is released under the BSD license), 

Well, it just means that we can't ship OCFS with PostgreSQL.  

> The question does spring up though, that Steve raised in another post -
> just for the record, what POSIX semantics can a postmaster live without in
> a filesystem?

You might want to ask that question again on Hackers.  I don't know the 
answer, myself.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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