I know the numbers look ok, but we are definetly suffering.  Also, if I try to 
run any sort of vacuum or other db activity during normal business hours, 
load goes through the roof.  I have seen loads of over 10 when trying to 
vacuum the larger cluster and would have to kill the vacuums due to 

I think this is probably related to the hardware configuration, but I want to 
make sure that there are no changes I could make configuration wise to the db 
that might lighten the problem.

I'm especially want to make sure that I have the memory parameters set to good 
numbers for my db's so that I can minimize thrashing between the postgres 
memory pools and the hard drive.  I am thinking that this may be a big issue 

Thanks for any help,

On Friday 23 April 2004 12:42, Josh Berkus wrote:
> Chris,
> > I need some help.  I have 5 db servers running our database servers, and
> > they all are having various degrees of performance problems.  The
> > problems we are experiencing are:
> I'mm confused.  You're saying "general slowness" but say that most queries
> run in under .01 seconds.   And you say "high loads" but the TOP snapshots
> you provide show servers with 2 CPUs idle.
> Are you sure you actually *have* a performance issue?

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