scott.marlowe wrote:
On Fri, 23 Apr 2004, Chris Hoover wrote:

DB's on Powervaults 220S using raid 5 (over 6 disks)

What controller is this, the adaptec? We've found it to be slower than the LSI megaraid based controller, but YMMV.

Wow, really? You got any more details of the chipset, mobo and kernel driver ?

I've been taken to my wits end wrestling with an LSI MegaRAID 320-1 controller on a supermicro board all weekend. I just couldn't get anything more than 10MB/sec out of it with megaraid driver v1 OR v2 in Linux 2.4.26, nor the version in 2.6.6-rc2. After 2 days of humming the Adaptec mantra I gave in and switched the array straight onto the onboard Adaptec 160 controller (same cable and everything). Software RAID 5 gets me over 40MB sec for a nominal cpu hit - more than 4 times what I could get out of the MegaRAID controller :( Even the 2nd SCSI-2 channel gets 40MB/sec max (pg_xlog :)

And HOW LONG does it take to detect drives during POST....ohhhh never mind ... I really just wanna rant :) There should be a free counseling service for enraged sysops.


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