Chris Hoover wrote:

On Friday 23 April 2004 14:57, Ron St-Pierre wrote:
Does this apply to 7.3.4 also?

No it doesn't, I didn't look back through the thread far enough to see what you were running. I tried it on 7.3.4 and none of the summary info listed below was returned. FWIW one of our DBs was slowing down considerably on an update (30+ minutes) and after I changed max_fsm_pages from the 7.4 default of 20,000 to 50,000, it completed in about eight minutes.


Actually, since he's running 7.4, there's an even better way.  Do a
"VACUUM VERBOSE" (full-database vacuum --- doesn't matter whether you
ANALYZE or not).  At the end of the very voluminous output, you'll see
something like

INFO: free space map: 240 relations, 490 pages stored; 4080 total pages needed DETAIL: Allocated FSM size: 1000 relations + 20000 pages = 178 kB shared memory.

Here, I would need max_fsm_relations = 240 and max_fsm_pages = 4080 to exactly cover the present freespace needs of my system. I concur with the suggestion to bump that up a good deal, of course, but that gives you a real number to start from.

The DETAIL part of the message shows my current settings (which are the defaults) and what the FSM is costing me in shared memory space.

Good luck

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