Hum... now i think im beginning to understand.

    The vacuum analyse is recommended to perform at least every day, after
adding or deleting a large number of records, and not vacuum full analyse.
Ive performed the vacuum full analyse every day and after some time ive
noticed the database was corrupted. I couldnt select anything any more.
    Do you think if i perform vacuum analyse once a day and perform vacuum
full analyse once a week, i will get to fix this problem?

    Thanks for help me, folks.

    PS: Sorry for my grammar mistakes. My writting is not so good. :)

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> Anderson Boechat Lopes wrote:
> >     Hi.
> >
> >     Im new here and im not sure if this is the right email to solve my
> > problem.
> >
> >     Well, i have a very large database, with vary tables and very
> > registers. Every day, too many operations are perfomed in that DB, with
> > queries that insert, delete and update. Once a week some statistics are
> > collected using vacuum analyze.
> i guess you need to run it much more frequently than that. Thought you
> given actual size of data etc., once or twice per day should be much
> >
> >     The problem is after a period of time (one month, i think), the
> > queries takes too much time to perform. A simple update can take 10
> > seconds or more to perform.
> You need to vacuum full once in a while and setup FSM parameters
> >
> >     If i make a backup, drop and recreate the DB, everything goes back
> > normal.
> >
> >     Could anyone give me any guidance?
> Check following for basic performance tuning
>   Shridhar

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