On Mon, 10 May 2004, Anderson Boechat Lopes wrote:

>     Hum... now i think iīm beginning to understand.
>     The vacuum analyse is recommended to perform at least every day, after
> adding or deleting a large number of records, and not vacuum full analyse.
> Iīve performed the vacuum full analyse every day and after some time iīve
> noticed the database was corrupted. I couldnīt select anything any more.

Hold it right there, full stop.

If you've got corruption you've either found a rare corner case in 
postgresql (unlikely, corruption is not usually a big problem for 
postgresql) OR you have bad hardware.  Test your RAM, CPUs, and hard 
drives before going any further.   Data corruption, 99% of the time, is 
not the fault of postgresql but the fault of the hardware.

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