Anjan Dave wrote:

We use XEON Quads (PowerEdge 6650s) and they work nice,
> provided you configure the postgres properly.
> Dell is the cheapest quad you can buy i think.
> You shouldn't be paying 30K unless you are getting high CPU-cache
> on each processor and tons of memory.

good to hear, I tried to online configure a quad xeon here at dell germany, but the 6550 is not available for online configuration. at dell usa it works. I will give them a call tomorrow.

I am actually curious, have you researched/attempted any
> postgresql clustering solutions?
> I agree, you can't just keep buying bigger machines.

There are many asynchronous, trigger based solutions out there (eRserver etc..), but what we need is basically a master <-> master setup, which seems not to be available soon for postgresql.

Our current dual Xeon runs at 60-70% average cpu load, which is really much. I cannot afford any trigger overhead here. This machine is responsible for over 30M page impressions per month, 50 page impressums per second at peak times. The autovacuum daemon is a god sent gift :)

I'm curious how the recently announced mysql cluster will perform, although it is not an option for us. postgresql has far superior functionality.

They have 5 internal drives (4 in RAID 10, 1 spare) on U320,
> 128MB cache on the PERC controller, 8GB RAM.

Could you tell me what you paid approximately for this setup?

How does it perform? It certainly won't be twice as fast a as dual xeon, but I remember benchmarking a quad P3 xeon some time ago, and it was disappointingly slow...


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