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> - the "cache" column shows that linux is using 2.3G for cache. (way too 
> much) you generally want to give memory to postgres to keep it "close" to 
> the user, not leave it unused to be claimed by linux cache (need to leave 
> *some* for linux tho)
> My recommendations:
> - I'll bet you have a low value for shared buffers, like 10000.  On 
> your 3G system you should ramp up the value to at least 1G (125000 8k buffers) 
> unless something else runs on the system.   It's best to not do things too 
> drastically, so if Im right and you sit at 10000 now, try going to
> 30000 then 60000 then 125000 or above.


Doesn't this run counter to almost every piece of PostgreSQL performance
tuning advice given?

I run my own boxes with buffers set to around 10000-20000 and an
effective_cache_size = 375000 (8k pages - around 3G).

That's working well with PostgreSQL 7.4.2 under Debian "woody" (using
Oliver Elphick's backported packages from

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