it's very good to understand specific choke points you're trying to address by upgrading so you dont get disappointed. Are you truly CPU constrained, or is it memory footprint or IO thruput that makes you want to upgrade?

IMO The best way to begin understanding system choke points is vmstat output.

Would you mind forwarding the output of "vmstat 10 120" under peak load period? (I'm asusming this is linux or unix variant) a brief description of what is happening during the vmstat sample would help a lot too.

I am curious if there are any real life production quad processor setups running postgresql out there. Since postgresql lacks a proper replication/cluster solution, we have to buy a bigger machine.

Right now we are running on a dual 2.4 Xeon, 3 GB Ram and U160 SCSI hardware-raid 10.

Has anyone experiences with quad Xeon or quad Opteron setups? I am looking at the appropriate boards from Tyan, which would be the only option for us to buy such a beast. The 30k+ setups from Dell etc. don't fit our budget.

I am thinking of the following:

Quad processor (xeon or opteron)
5 x SCSI 15K RPM for Raid 10 + spare drive
2 x IDE for system
ICP-Vortex battery backed U320 Hardware Raid
4-8 GB Ram

Would be nice to hear from you.


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