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at first, many thanks for your valuable replies. On my quest for the ultimate hardware platform I'll try to summarize the things I learned.


This is what I am considering the ultimate platform for postgresql:

Tyan Thunder K8QS board
2-4 x Opteron 848 in NUMA mode
4-8 GB RAM (DDR400 ECC Registered 1 GB modules, 2 for each processor)
LSI Megaraid 320-2 with 256 MB cache ram and battery backup
6 x 36GB SCSI 10K drives + 1 spare running in RAID 10, split over both channels (3 + 4) for pgdata including indexes and wal.

You might also consider configuring the Postgres data drives for a RAID 10 SAME configuration as described in the Oracle paper "Optimal Storage Configuration Made Easy" ( Has anyone delved into this before?


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