What happens if you do this in psql, also you can turn on duration
logging in the backend and log the queries.

On Fri, 2004-07-09 at 16:24, Bill Chandler wrote:
> Thanks to all who have responded.  I now think my
> problem is not related to deleting/recreating indexes.
> Somehow it is related to JDBC cursors.  It appears
> that what is happening is that since I'm using 
> a fetch size of 5000, the command:
> is being repeatedly sent to the server as I process
> the result set from my query.  Each time this command
> is sent it it takes about 5 minutes to return which is
> about the amount of time the whole query took to
> complete before the performance degredation. So in
> other words it looks as if the full select is being
> rerun on each fetch.  
> Now the mystery is why is this happening all of the
> sudden?  I have been running w/ fetch size set to 5000
> for the last couple of weeks and it did not appear to
> be doing this (i.e. re-running the entire select 
> statement again).  Is this what I should expect when
> using cursors?  I would have thought that the server
> should "remember" where it left off in the query since
> the last fetch and continue from there.
> Could I have inadvertently changed a parameter
> somewhere that would cause this behavior?
> thanks,
> Bill
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