Bill Chandler wrote:

Now the mystery is why is this happening all of the
sudden? I have been running w/ fetch size set to 5000
for the last couple of weeks and it did not appear to
be doing this (i.e. re-running the entire select statement again). Is this what I should expect when
using cursors? I would have thought that the server
should "remember" where it left off in the query since
the last fetch and continue from there.

I'd check heap size, GC activity (-verbose:gc), CPU use, swapping activity on the *client* side. It may be that your dataset size or physical memory or something similar has changed sufficiently that GC resulting from the data in each 5k row batch is killing you.

Can you try a trivial app that runs the same query (with same fetchsize, autocommit, etc) via JDBC and does nothing but steps forward through the resultset, and see how fast it runs? Perhaps the problem is in your processing logic.


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