Might be worth doing a little test:

i) modify your code to fetch 1 row at a time
ii) set log_duration=true in your postgresql.conf (as the other posters have suggested)

Then compare with running the query in psql.



Bill Chandler wrote:

Thanks to all who have responded. I now think my
problem is not related to deleting/recreating indexes.
Somehow it is related to JDBC cursors. It appears
that what is happening is that since I'm using a fetch size of 5000, the command:


is being repeatedly sent to the server as I process
the result set from my query. Each time this command
is sent it it takes about 5 minutes to return which is
about the amount of time the whole query took to
complete before the performance degredation. So in
other words it looks as if the full select is being
rerun on each fetch.

Now the mystery is why is this happening all of the
sudden? I have been running w/ fetch size set to 5000
for the last couple of weeks and it did not appear to
be doing this (i.e. re-running the entire select statement again). Is this what I should expect when
using cursors? I would have thought that the server
should "remember" where it left off in the query since
the last fetch and continue from there.

Could I have inadvertently changed a parameter
somewhere that would cause this behavior?



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