I forgot to ask about your hardware.   How much RAM, and what's your disk 
setup?  CPU?

> sort_mem =   512000

Huh?   Sort_mem is in K.   The above says that you've allocated 512MB sort 
mem.  Is this process the *only* thing going on on the machine?

> vacuum_mem = 409600

Again, 409.6MB vacuum mem?   That's an odd number, and quite high.  

> max_fsm_pages = 50000000

50million?   That's quite high.   Certianly enough to have an effect on your 
memory usage.   How did you calculate this number?

> checkpoint_segments = 3

You should probably increase this if you have the disk space.  For massive 
insert operations, I've found it useful to have as much as 128 segments 
(although this means about 1.5GB disk space)

> effective_cache_size = 5000000

If you actually have that much RAM, I'd love to play on your box.  Please?

> Off the top of my head, you have allocated roughly 48K shard buffers which
> seems bit on higher side. Can you check with something like 10K-15K?

Shridhar, that depends on how much RAM he has.   On 4GB dedicated machines, 
I've set Shared_Buffers as high as 750MB.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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