Hervé Piedvache wrote:


Le mercredi 14 Juillet 2004 18:28, Josh Berkus a écrit :

checkpoint_segments = 3

You should probably increase this if you have the disk space. For massive insert operations, I've found it useful to have as much as 128 segments (although this means about 1.5GB disk space)

Other point I have also read this : "NOTE: Since 7.2, turning fsync off does NOT stop WAL. It does stop checkpointing."

So ... still true for 7.4.3 ??? So I'm with fsync = off so the value of checkpoint_segments have no interest ??

Thanks for your help...

I suggest you check this first. Check the performance tuning guide..


That is a starters. As Josh suggested, increase checkpoint segments if you have disk space. Correspondingly WAL disk space requirements go up as well.



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