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Le mardi 13 Juillet 2004 19:10, Josh Berkus a écrit :

What can I do to get better results ?? (configuration option, and/or
hardware update ?)
What can I give you to get more important informations to help me ?

1) What PostgreSQL version are you using?


2) What's your VACUUM, ANALYZE, VACUUM FULL, REINDEX schedule?


Every day after the calculation I was talking about ...

3) Can you list the non-default settings in your PostgreSQL.conf?
Particularly, shared_buffers, sort_mem, checkpoint_segments,
estimated_cache, and max_fsm_pages?

sort_mem = 512000

This is too much, you are instructing Postgres to use 512MB for each backend ( some time each backend can use this quantity more then one )

vacuum_mem = 409600
max_fsm_pages = 50000000
> max_fsm_relations = 2000

50 milions ? HUG.
what tell you postgres in the log after performing
a vacuum full ?

max_files_per_process = 2000
wal_buffers = 1000
checkpoint_segments = 3

For massive insert you have to increase this number, pump it up to 16

effective_cache_size = 5000000

5GB for 8 GB system is too much

random_page_cost = 3

on your HW you can decrease it to 2 and also decrease the other cpu costs

Gaetano Mendola

BTW, I live in Paris too, if you need a hand...

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