> > So, for a table t with a three part key over columns a,b,c, the
> > to read the next value from t for given values a1, b1, c1 is
> >
> > select * from t where
> >     a >= a1 and
> >      (a >  a1 or b >= b1) and
> >      (a >  a1 or b > b1 or c > c1)
> You mut not rely on such trickery to get any ordering, as the SQL data
> model contains no ordering, and a query optimizer is free to deliver
> the tuples in any order it feels like.
> Why don't you add a 'ORDER BY a,b,c ASC' to your query?

Left that part out (oops) :).  My queries always have that at the end
(or they will give incorrect results!).  All are suffixed with order by
a,b,c limit n.  n is manipulated in some cases for progressive read
ahead (kind of like fetch 'n' in cursors)).

The basic problem is the planner can't always match the query to the
index.  So, either the planner has to be helped/fixed or I have to
explore another solution.  This seems to happen most when the 'a' column
has very poor selectivity.  In this case, the planner will only examine
the 'a' part of the key.


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