I said:
> Oh, wait, you're right --- I'm mis-visualizing the situation.
> Hmm, it sure seems like there ought to be an easy way to do this...

The problem is that a multi-column index doesn't actually have the
semantics you want.  If you are willing to consider adding another
index (or replacing the existing 3-column guy), how about

create index ti on t((array[a,b,c]));

select * from t where array[a,b,c] >= array[a1,b1,c1]
order by array[a,b,c]
limit 1 offset 1;

This seems to do the right thing in 7.4 and later.  It does require that
all three columns have the same datatype though; you weren't specific
about the data model ...

                        regards, tom lane

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