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> The basic problem is the planner can't always match the query to the
> index.  So, either the planner has to be helped/fixed or I have to
> explore another solution.  This seems to happen most when the 'a'
> column has very poor selectivity.  In this case, the planner will only
> examine the 'a' part of the key.

So it may help to add some more indices so you have an index for all permutations,

Create an index on (a,b,c), (a,c,b), (b,c,a), (b,a,c), (c,a,b) and (c,b,a).

So as long as one of the rows has enough selectivity, the planner should
be able to select the correct index. Maybe increasing the number of
random samples for the rows is useful.


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