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> Well, if and when the rowtype comparison can be made to work over multi
> part keys (and the optimizer is made to do tricks there), postgres can
> be made to give much better generalized ISAM access.  In the meantime,
> I'll just troubleshoot specific cases via application specific behavior
> as they come up.  In any case, many thanks to Greg and Tom for taking
> the time to pick this apart.

Well I'm not sure whether you caught it, but Tom did come up with a
work-around that works with the current infrastructure if all the columns
involved are the same datatype.

You can create a regular btree index on the expression array[a,b,c] and then
do your lookup using array[a,b,c] > array[a1,b1,c1].

This will only work in 7.4, not previous releases, for several reasons.


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